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Shineway Awarded As “Forbes Asia's Best Enterprise” Again

Shineway Awarded As “Forbes Asia

(Reporter: Ke Huining, Translator: Chen Liwei) Recently, Forbes published a list named Top 200 Asia Enterprise, and Shineway Pharmaceutical is included in the list successfully. Mr. Li, general manager and Mr. Leung, sales director of Shineway Pharmaceutical (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. took part in the award ceremony.


Tim Ferguson, editor of Forbes, said the listed enterprises on Forbes are chosen strictly among 15,000 enterprises located in Australia, Japan, India, China, China Hong Kong, and China Taiwan etc on the basis of increasing rate, rate of return, and profitability. The annual profit of listed enterprise should be at least between 5 million U.S. dollars and 1 billion U.S. dollars, and become listed company at least one year.

Shineway Pharmaceutical endeavors to the development of Traditional Chinese Medicine for many years, and accumulates huge competitive power. In 2004, Shineway Pharmaceutical Group was listed on Hong Kong board successfully with largest market shares of medical enterprises in Hong Kong main board, and the capital advantage and management advantage were enhanced. In 2007, Shineway Pharmaceutical was awarded as Forbes Best Enterprise, and became selected sole enterprise in medical industry, and became sole enterprise included in the list in Hebei province. In January 2008, Shineway Pharmaceutical Group was listed on Forbes Top China Potential Enterprise, and was the only one medical enterprise in Hebei province. In 2010, with clear and definite target, comprehensive management, Shineway Pharmaceutical enters into the list again, which attributes to good performance on sales and positive attitudes of investors to Shineway’s future. 


Forbes Magazine is one of four financial magazines in the world, and the amount of distribution is 5 million with profound influence all over the world. The serial ranking list published by Forbes becomes economic trend indicators due to its objectivity, fairness and authority.

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